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Women Killed For Their Right to Choose, A Humanitarian Crisis No One Wants to Talk About

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

How many lives is it going to take for us to finally talk about this?

Whether it is the women dying from dangerous pregnancies because they do not have the right to seek an abortion, or whether it is the murder of women in Iran for choosing not to cover. This is not a Muslim issue. This is not a feminism issue. This is not a white liberal Republican issue. This is an issue of humanity. Women make up half of the population on this planet, this is a humanitarian crisis and it should be called one.

Why is it that in this day and age, in 2022, we are still fighting for women’s rights? It makes absolutely no sense to me, especially when some of my fellow female counterparts think it is OK to justify the persecution against women? In the name of what, religion? Culture?


Absolutely not.

Take a moment, and check yourself. Really ask yourself, dig deep inside and look, what God, would ever justify taking a life because of a woman’s right to choose? I do not think there is any Diety that would allow it.

WE are the problem. Us. Us humans. We need to take accountability for our actions and fix it.

For the Muslim women calling out to God and saying, the end of time must be coming since women are protesting by ripping their hijabs off and cutting their hair in public. To be honest if I was in Iran right now, I probably would be doing the same thing.

We need to STOP with the absolute rigidity that we create towards the women in this society. It’s like do or die, there is no in between, no grey area when it comes to women. When it comes to everyone else, there are a million shades of grey. THIS IS WHY WOMEN ARE ANGRY. THE IMPARTIALITY IS BLINDING.

The second a bit of skin shows on a hijabi, the second a bit of hair slips from under the hijab, the moment a Muslim girl is seen talking to a guy on her way to class, all hell breaks loose. The moment a Muslim girl is seen not wearing her hijab, or her dress is too short, or her dress is too tight, or her hijab is too loose. Why, why, wHy, WHY. Are you even looking, commenting, perpetuating this toxicity?

I have lived through not feeling free my whole life.

Whether I cover or whether I do not.

Whether I choose to be pro-choice or not.

Whether I choose to be thick or thin.

Whether I choose to be too religious or not.

Whether I choose to be too cultured or not.

Whether I choose to be too American or not.

And you know what, as easy as it is to say “WHy dO yOu cAre aBouT wHaT oThErs tHiNk”, well the women who died in Iran took a moment to not care about what others think and it cost them their lives so——are us women really in the wrong for being so worried about how we present ourselves in society? The expectations to perform impecably in every aspect of our lives and society is draining and quite frankly absurd.

We need to wake up. Especially the women. Wake up for your fellow female sisters. Don’t perpetuate this bigotry, this hatred, this rigidity. I have been there, and I admit. I was once caught in it. Not realizing how deadly it can be.

Don’t do it.

Let people live and breathe freely. You sin. I sin. We all sin differently. No one, no one, NO ONE, has the right to tell someone how they should or should not sin, and to tell them that they deserve death for sinning. Let that person and their God (if they believe in one) decide where they stand in terms of sin. It is not our call to make.

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