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How Do You Heal?

Encountering different forms of grief, tragedies, hardships, and stressors unfortunately is part of our routine in life. However having an array of coping methods is important. Healing is a natural process not only for the visible wounds on our bodies but also the wounds within us. It is often said that time heals all wounds, however having strategies unique to ourselves in our arsenal is crucial. Below are the strategies that have worked for me over time, and may be a place to start in your exploration for healing methods.

Self Care

Make sure you are sleeping adequately

Drinking water

Eating healthy and on time


Tidying up your living space: organizing your clutter can help organize yourself in the process. Light that candle. Finally do that laundry. Clean those dishes. Reset and recharge.

Indulge in what brings you happiness


Self Reflection

Seeking Council

Spend time with your loved ones


What methods do you use? Let me know! :)

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