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Smoothies: A 7 in 1, Perfect for Weight Loss, Gut Health, Energy and more!

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Oh all the things I can say about smoothies. They have become one of my favorite diet staples. If you are like me and have been struggling to incorporate fresh fruit and veggies into your diet this is a great place to start. Not only will you be replacing the processed sugars in your day with all natural sugars, but you will also be eating much more cleaner, which will overall produce a load of results including the ones I have listed below. Let me tell you all of the advantages I have been able to milk out of making smoothies so far:

  1. Unbelievable amount of energy

  2. Satiety for hours on end

  3. Constipation is in the past

  4. Bloating is gone, gut feels great

  5. Weight loss

  6. Teeth are whiter

  7. Skin looks more radiant

The advantage of incorporating fruits and veggies daily is that they add natural fiber into your diet. They not only help to keep your gut bacterial flora happy but also ensure that your bowels don’t become lazy! Basically passing the fiber through your bowels is like a work out for them, the more they work out, the more in shape they are. Therefore leading to healthy flora, reduced bloating, and hopefully smooth bowel movements.

Besides the number of digestive advantages there are, eating clean reduces the chances of giving into empty calories and processed foods. Foods that will not provide you with strength and satiety throughout your day, and not to mention might lead to a sugar crash later! The natural energy boosting vitamins, minerals, and organic sugars found in fruits and veggies provide a natural energy throughout the day, often times leading to reduced caffeine intake!

Incorporating fruits like lemons and oranges increase the vitamin C levels in your body, which leads to increased immunity! Overall there are tons of benefits to reap, I have listed some of my favorite go-to smoothie recipes below!

Banana Mocha Coffee

2 teaspoons nescafe instant coffee (I like to use the cinnamon flavored one)

1 teaspoon sugar

a dash of hot water to allow the instant coffee to activate

1 banana

a cup of whole wheat rolled oats

a dash of organic cocoa powder

a teaspoon of chunky peanut butter

a dash of vanilla almond milk

For those of ya‘ll who don’t like oats. I must say the rolled ones taste much more pleasant, additionally the amount of satiety I feel throughout the day has been unbelievable since I have been adding in the oats! And to be honest the oats add a slight wholesome flavor to the smoothie, so it tastes like I am having a chilled banana oatmeal chocolate cookie honestly.

Cucumber Green Machine

half a cucumber

half a carrot

a dash of spinach/kale/collard greens

1 kiwi

some fresh apple slices

some fresh pineapple chunks

some fresh mango chunks

a dash of cold water

honey/sugar as desired

I used to chug the green machine smoothies from Naked Juices like no tomorrow when I was in undergrad. Therefore this smoothie is inspired by their green machine, and is basically my own version of the green machine. It doesn’t have the exact same taste, but it still has the interesting chemistry between the greens and the vibrant fruits. A great combination in my opinion!

If you can’t make a smoothie, don’t have a smoothie machine, don’t like the texture of smoothies, or were forgetful like me and left your smoothie cup in the office by accident, then no worries, breakfast bowls are to the rescue!

Basically all of the ingredients that I would put in a smoothie, I just put into a bowl instead and make it into a breakfast bowl. It works like a charm, and I have noticed my teeth have become more whiter when I have my breakfast bowl options compared to my smoothie bowls. This is because the different textures in your breakfast bowl act like a natural exfoliant of the bacteria residing on your teeth!

Here is one of my favorites:

Morning Sunburst

1 small kiwi

1 apple

1/4th of a fresh mango

1 cup whole wheat rolled oats

a dash of vanilla almond milk

It has the perfect level of sweetness, not too sweet, not too bland. The fruits give a natural sweet kick, and are so refreshing in the morning! Also it looks appetizing to eat compared to a bowl of cereal.

Another one of my favorites:

Banana Burst

1 banana

1 apple

1/4th of a mango (clearly I love mangoes)

1 cup whole wheat rolled oats

a dash of vanilla almond milk

a drizzle of organic honey on top

I loooooove bananas so much. They add such a rich flavor, texture, and of course are filled with vitamins.

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