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My Favorite Wholesome Finds

Things I love to fill my space with that are meaningful finds. I agree that it is cheaper and easier to go to our local supermarket or department store to buy items for ourselves and our homes. However even as a student on a budget, I realized how much extra money I spend trying to buy these accessible items. I walk into these stores in mind to buy a specific item, but walk out with a bunch of things that I didn’t need. Half of the time I walk out with everything except the one item I was supposed to buy. If I just learned to buy less, and put more thought into my purchases, they could go a long way. I would not only save money, end up with less clutter, but also end up with more meaningful purchases and items in my space.

Therefore below are a list of some of my favorite items. Things that I would happily buy again, not just because these shops are owned by empowering groups like women, people of color, and small businesses, but because their products are meaningful, long lasting, and are based in goodness.

I was not paid or sponsored to promote any of these products. This is not an ad. This is just a 28 year old who loves show and tell and wanted to put all of her favorite meaningful items in one place! I will keep updating this post as I find more wholesome goods! :)


-Candied Apple candle by Amazing Finds Boutique in Ballston spa, they are also on instagram and can ship items to you! These candles are soy candles that burn cleanly!

-Sara and Begum by Nabela Noor: You can find her on Instagram or on her website,

-Collar City candles:

Pillow Covers

-Sara and Begum by Nabela Noor: Link listed above!

Skincare and Haircare

-Ranavat’s face polish: Love this rice exfoliant facial polish. I am all about supporting the women owned POC businesses and this is definitely one to check out!!

-Aavrani’s skin kit: Their turmeric mask and face serum are my fave products!

-Shaz and Kik’s: I stumbled across this company on insta, it is such a cute company with all natural products rooted in ingredients that I grew up using in home remedies. After using their hair conditioner and cleanser for a month I have noticed a thickness in my hair already!

-Paul Mitchell Tea Tree and Lavendar shampoo and conditioner: perfect for colored hair! Gives a nice cooling/tingling sensation

-Tarte cosmetics: Hands down my favorite makeup brand. They are always having great sales, their company is women owned, and their makeup is vegan and cruelty friendly.

-The Bare Naked Co. soap bars: Try the Tea tree and poppy seed soap bar you will thank me later! Great for exfoliation and a spa experience in the tub.


Uniqlo: Most of my professional and business casual outfits are from here!

-H&M: Perfect place to buy professional suits for reasonable prices and cute summer dresses! (Not technically a small business but I couldn’t resist leaving it out for the finds I find here :)

-Modanisa: ALL of my chiffon hijabs are from here. My favorite brands are Tuva Sal and Mervin Sal.


DB Trends: Got the cutest money plant from here :)

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